And Operated.

Since 2009 Pet Bath & Beyond has brought extra customer service and care to your furry friends! Our approach is unique to other pet grooming salons because customers are our family, and we care for your pets like our own!


Care And Love

We make the grooming process the best experience your pet would ever have. With our well-prepared team we ensure satisfaction and an enjoyable time while your baby is in our care.


Our mission is for our furry friends to get used to the whole grooming process, from walking in through the door until leaving our care. Getting used to it is the key to an enjoyable spa time.


Serve you for generations to come. For us, our clients are our family, and there’s nothing that we love more than seeing our clients come back with their new puppies for years to come.


It’s all about them! We respect our furry friends and treat them as our own. We love to please our clients with haircut styles, but the well-being of our furry friends will always come first.


Master Groomers

With more than 25+ years of experience, we can assure your furry friend will receive the best care posible.

Master Groomer
Alma White
Master Groomer

Meet our master groomer, the fur-tastic hair stylist to the pooch elite! With years of experience and an eye for style, your pup will leave the salon with a look that will turn heads and make tails wag.

Master Groomer
Max Vargas
Master Groomer

I'm an expert at making your pup look their best and a pro at belly rubs and dog-treat bribes.

Master Groomer
Ricardo Vargas
Master Groomer

I will give your pup a paw-some new look but also will make sure they have a tail-wagging good time during their grooming session.

Sora Han
Master Groomer

I'm a feline-loving cat groomer who will not only give your kitty a purr-fect new look but also make sure they have a relaxed and stress-free grooming experience.


Dream Team

Supervised by our master groomers, they are ready to care and attend your furry friend's needs.

Daniel Garcia
Dog Groomer

I'll have your pup looking sharp and handsome with my grooming skills, and I will keep them entertained with my endless supply of dog-approved dad jokes.

Rene Ortega

I'll have your pup look like a showstopper with my finishing touches and make sure they're camera-ready for all Insta-worthy moments.

Karen Aguilar

Introducing our resident pooch beauty expert, the groomer/finisher who will have your furry friend looking like a supermodel in no time.

What our friends are saying about us!

Has definitely become our go to for groomer. Make accommodations for rapid appointments to the best of their ability, and our little Stitch always comes out happy and playful! Best bang for the buck without a doubt! Great place so far no complaints. They’ve been taking care of our pets.

Blake Andrews


Great job! Finally found a place for my dog. Very friendly front office staff. Fast service and very clean establishment.

Rita Cobarrubias


We have a 6 month old puppy who is adorable but can sometimes be difficult (he was a rescue, maybe something happened?). I took him to a different groomer previously and they said they could not groom him, as he was too wild. They were able to groom my baby and he looks so good.

Katherine M


We LOVE Pet, Bath, and Beyond and so does Snoopy! Thank you for always giving him the best dog bath in town!

John Nanna


Overall it was a good experience for myself and my cat. He was done in about 2hrs. Sorey was very kind and did a awesome job on Sinatra’s dragon/dino cut. I’m so grateful we where treated with respect. It can be scary trusting others with your babies. Thank you so far so good!

Nikki Lynn


Great place so far no complaints. They've been tKing care of my babies.

Angelica Penny


4.5 OUT OF 5