We ask that all dogs be on a leash when entering the building to ensure the safety of the other animals in the lobby. Cats should be in a proper cat carrier. Pet Bath & Beyond is a safe environment for our employees as well as our clients and their pets. We reserve the right to refuse service to any client that violates the safety of our business.

How far in advanced should I book my appointment?

To make scheduling easier on us and ensure we have adequate time to spend on your pet, we suggest calling a day or two ahead of time for appointments. We recommend calling three days ahead of time for Saturday appointments. Around the holiday season and for the mobile salon, we suggest contacting a week or two in advance.

Our top priority is the happiness of our clients, so please help us ensure that we will be able to groom your pet with ample time!

How long does the grooming take?

The grooming services typically take about two to three hours, depending on the busyness of the salon. Saturdays usually take about three to four hours.

Express service is available at an extra cost to ensure that your pet is ready in 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your pet!

What vaccinations are necessary to take the pet in for grooming?

We require a current Rabies vaccination for all pets to ensure the safety of our employees. If the rabies vaccination is not present, we need 48 hours for the vaccination to become applicable. We do not accept handwritten vaccinations, home vaccination, breeder vaccines, etc.

A licensed veterinarian must administer the vaccinations. We recommend that all other vaccinations, such as Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo Virus, and Canine Influenza, etc, are up to date. It is the responsibility of the owner to have these vaccinations current.

What happens if my pet gets injured?

Our top priority is the safety of your pet.
Some pets are more challenging to handle, and accidents may happen, whether a dog bites the groomer or a razor nick the pet. There is always a possibility of injury for the groomer and the pet. We will notify the owner if any injuries occur during the grooming process.

How much will the grooming cost?

The price of services depends on the breed, weight, length, condition of hair, and temperament of the dog. Please inquire with the receptionist in the shop for a more accurate price!

How do you dry the pets?

We consider various factors: age, behavior, breed, and hair type. Each pet is different, and we take appropriate measures to ensure we dry your pet in the best way possible for its comfort! We have force dryers, cage dryers, and hand dryers. Our cage dryers have automatic temperature sensors, which shut off the heater to ensure your pet’s safety.

How does the Mobile Salon work?

The Mobile Salon is convenient, efficient, and easy to get your pet groomed! We have mobile vans that come right to your house! Depending on your temperament and the number of pets, the service can get the pets groomed in a sufficient amount of time. You can make an appointment by calling the shop to book your appointment today!